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excited, happy, futuristic


February 28th, 2010

Bay Area

excited, happy, futuristic
I have this strong desire to be in the Bay Area right now. As in NOW!

February 13th, 2010

Post An Entry

excited, happy, futuristic
My "first" LiveJournal entry was pretty boring. So will this one, for now (since this is my second "first" entry, since it has been a while). I suspect that, like every good blog tool, LiveJournal will have a way for me to update this at a later date.

For now, my mood describes this post.

November 19th, 2007

5 Years

excited, happy, futuristic
This month marks my fifth year with the PalmOS and mobile computing.

I got my first Palm handheld, a Palm IIIc, when I was a freshman in high school. The first datebook entry that I have is for 8am on December 2nd "Telecom: tech report" for a technology report that was due that day in my Intro To Telecommunications class (I have the teacher of that class to thank for getting me into Palm handhelds). Even though the event is in December I had received the PDA in November.

During winter break (in December) I believe that I started doing some development with the PalmOS. I remember screwing around with Codewarrior and some VisualBasic type programs. I eventually played more with Codewarrior (the trial version).Once I got tired of Codewarrior's trial limitations I setup gcc and played around with that. GCC later became my primary environment (and it still is!).

In those 5 years I have owned a Palm IIIc, Tungsten T3, TX and Treo 700p as my main handhelds/smartphones. I have also owned (either to add to my collection, or test with) a Pilot 5000, Palm Pilot Pro, Tungsten T, Kyocera 7135, and Xplore M68.

I have also gotten to work with some cool devices, including the Foleo.

It has been an awesome 5 years.

Here is to another 5 years!!

October 29th, 2007

Unfortunately some family emergencies (and "half" "pre" "mid life crisis") have come up. Unfortunately they are to complex to explain, but it has made life a bit hard.

Some classes have also drained my mental capacity.

As a result, my blogging has suffered.

I promise though, they will get worked on. It may be slower than I wish, but they will get worked on.

July 24th, 2007

1st Post

excited, happy, futuristic
This is the "ceremonial" first post. Nothing too interesting here. I expect to throw some stuff in a bit later.
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